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Ishtar recognizes the need and opportunity for research targeting MSM, which is limited in Kenya due to the criminalized nature of MSM activity, high levels of stigma and discrimination2. For Ishtar, being involved in conducting research to address issues affecting the community is a critical towards improving health outcomes of the community. Thus by conducting research, documenting the findings and disseminating the findings to those most influential in terms of advocating, planning and implementing HIV prevention, treatment and care may have a broad and lasting effect on the provision of HIV-prevention services to MSM population

Key Observations:
1. There is a clear and structured strategic plan in the organization
2. Organizational reports are classified per the projects
3. Resource mobilization of different strategic pillars are done either separately or interlinked
4. There is evidence of leadership in implementation of the strategic plan with clear outputs per the pillars.

Preliminary recommendations:
1. There is a need to do a mid-term review of the strategic plan and adjust with new programme
interventions in HIV management
2. Organization should have annual score card to show their performance
3. Development of implementation framework of the pillars and organizational work plan espcially
on community development.
4. Strategic resource mobilization plan

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