IDAHO 2014

IDAHO/ Pride 2014
716 sexual orientation and gender identity and expression minorities gathered at the Mall rooftop in Westlands, Nairobi last Saturday to celebrate IDAHOBIT 2014. The event that brought together the SOGIEM community in Kenya and beyond was organised by The Gay and lesbian coalition of Kenya (GALCK). This year’s IDAHO celebrations saw in attendance a number of individuals from outside Kenya, in particular from Uganda
The Saturday event was a climax to the pride/IDAHOT activities that had been taking place the week leading to 17th May 2014.
Ishtar-MSM organised a community outreach activity that targeted 100 MSM from Nairobi and its environs. The event that took place on 16th May at SASA Centre sought to provide our members with
 1) Financial skills training
 2) Health education
 3) Safe condom and lube use
 4) Health evaluation
A similar outreach activity was held on 17th May 2014 in Kiambu, a rural area near Nairobi where Ishtar is reaching out to.
And as the different GALCK groups displayed their various activities, we danced and celebrated all night, some of us did not forget the privilege having such a space meant. There are a number of people in different parts of the country, continent and world who cannot afford it. Most of our friends from Uganda who were at the IDAHOT event are currently fleeing from home or seeking asylum in Kenya. LGBTIQ individuals or those perceived to be continue to face discrimination, harassment, blackmail, violence and jail time in many parts of Africa. So as we celebrate the little milestones we have and continue to achieve, we dare not forget our brothers, sisters and others who have lost their lives in this struggle, those who have to flee home, and those who continue to hide in fear. For them and many others we continue to wage this war, for freedom does not come easy.
Many thanks to those who took their time to come celebrate with us.
Aluta continua friends

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