Ishtar-MSM recognises that advocacy as an important strategy for creating environments that supports and promotes MSM health care rights focussing on the availability, safety and quality of care. Under this key strategic area, Ishtar aims to develop and implement  locally generated advocacy initiatives to address the issues identified and, more broadly, to influence structural factors that impinge upon the ability of MSM to access HIV services and fulfill their human rights. This will be achieved through various approaches, but not limited to the following:
•    Partnering  with interested MSM advocates to implement community education on MSM issues
•    Design and develop IEC material and aids to educate the general public
•    Network with Human Rights organizations for advice, and advocacy on MSM issues
•    Sensitise MSM to know their rights and to reduce self-stigmaand healthcare access options
•    Develop appropriate IEC materials for MSM focusing on HIV prevention, on risky sexual behavior and where to access services
•    Participate in KNASP IV TWGs as key entry point to position MSM issues.
•    Support National-level dialogue about how HIV programs engage and retain clients in health interventions.
•    Develop IEC materials that addresses stigma-in clinical and public settings—towards improving public attitudes
•    Invest in technology in dissemination information and knowledge to MSM community
•    Participate and/or collaborate in the organization MSM forums and National HIV and AIDs events in Kenya, region and international
•    Review ISHTAR communication strategy
•    Engage media through targeted media outreach to increase visibility and nuanced understanding of MSM health issues

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